After about 100 days since the coronavirus pandemic broke, over a million people have now been infected and more than 50, 000 have died, data from has revealed.

The world is currently seeing its darkest moment in about a century. Life, as it were, is no longer the same with billions across the world having been ordered to stay at home while streets and shops are deserted and hospitals are under strain as confirmed infections pile.

There is no vaccine yet for the coronavirus. A recent study found that the deadly disease can spread through the air and remains contagious for hours.

It can also linger in rooms formerly occupied by patients, making the contagion harder to avoid, the study found.

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The disease has already put a foothold on Europe, the United States, and southeast Asia and is beginning to wreak havoc in Africa and South America. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is particularly concerned with the ability of the poorest countries in the world to control the disease.

The U.S. already has the highest number of reported infections in the world, nearly a quarter of the global total and President David Trump on Wednesday said the nation should brace for “a very very difficult upcoming two weeks”.

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Even at the best-case-scenario, modeling from The Australian National University (ANU) last month estimated a global GDP loss of $2.4 trillion.
Confirmed cases

As of Thursday evening, there were 1,004,458 confirmed cases across the globe, a number that has doubled in a week, data from showed.

The number of infected people crossed the half a million threshold last Thursday, exactly a week ago, showing an accumulated growth rate of about 100, 000 cases in every two days during the period.

PREMIUM TIMES has been monitoring the worldometer, a tracking platform. In almost every 20 minutes in the past three days, at least 10, 000 confirmed cases are added on the global tracking meter.
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The three worst-hit countries: the U.S., Spain, and Italy alone have a combined figure of over half a million infections, more than half of the global total.

There are 742, 394 active cases as of the time of reporting. Of that number, over 704, 000 are in mild condition.

Nearly 38, 000 cases are in serious or critical conditions.

Meanwhile, nearly 210, 000 people have recovered after treatment so far worldwide.
Death toll

After Spain and the United States recorded their highest daily deaths to on Tuesday, the total global body-count reached the scary landmark of 40, 000 and counting.

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As of the time of reporting, about 51, 558 people have died from the virus, a strain of coronavirus which causes a pneumonia-like disease, data from showed.

Experts believe the death toll might even be twice the current figure as many people die without being tested.

Countries have continued to report inadequate testing kits for potential patients of Covid-19, a strain of coronavirus which has continued to defy science.

Hardest-hit countries in Europe are now contesting the unenviable position of who will record the highest daily death-toll yet.

Italy and Spain have hit over 900 and 800 deaths under 24 hours at least twice within the week. Combined death toll in both countries is now more than 20,000, roughly half the global total — demonstrating the high price nations can pay if the virus outstrips the capacity of a nation’s health care system.

France has surged past 4,000 fatalities and nearly 3, 000 people have died in the U.K.
The United States

In the span of a month, the coronavirus pandemic in America rose from fewer than 100 confirmed cases and two deaths to over 237, 000 infections. More than 5, 700 people have died.

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Even if all of the social distancing guidelines are followed “perfectly,” health experts in America believe the death toll in the nation could still reach 100,000 to 200,000.

Almost all of Africa’s 54 countries have recorded at least one confirmed case of coronavirus. However, the spread of the disease in the continent has been relatively slow compared to other parts of the world.

Only two countries in the continent have recorded more than 50 deaths. Algeria has the highest number of fatalities – 86 with over 900 infections closely followed by Egypt with 52 deaths and over 700 cases. About 44 deaths and 691 infections have been recorded in Morocco.

South Africa still leads the continent with over 1, 000 cases with just five deaths, significantly due to the country’s relatively good health system.

Nigeria had 174 cases as of Thursday evening with two deaths.

The WHO officials said the statistics are likely to significantly underestimate the true number of cases in Africa, raising concerns that the contagion would soon overwhelm the continent’s under-resourced health services.

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