There was mild drama around the Dangote Refinery, Idasho, Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos as a cex worker disgrace a Mobile Police officer after he refused to pay her for her service.

According to PM Express, It was gathered that the Mobile Police officer, believed to have been attached to provide security for workers at the Refinery site, reportedly sought the services of the cex worker and they agreed on N7,000 for an all night romp.

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Trouble started on Sunday morning when the middle aged cex worker demanded for her money. The Mobile Police officer reportedly was only able to offer her N1,000, which the lady used to pay for her cabin room. Irked by the response of the officer, the cex worker held him until she drew the attention of passersby.

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When asked what transpired between them, the cex worker explained what they had agreed on before the romp.

At that point, the people that had gathered insisted that he should pay the lady the agreed fee. He remained adamant until they seized his torchlight and cap while asking him to respect his age and the uniform he had on him.

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After haggling for a while, he eventually brought out N4,000 and handed over to the lady when he noticed that people were taking shots with their mobile phones. He then left the scene amidst boos and jeers from the people that had gathered to know what happened.

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