So there a massive reaction against and for Falz on Twitter stirred up by some ladies who are still angry with Falz the Bhad guy’s opinion  on transactional sex and who thought he should’ve spoken against a rape incident publicized earlier today, 7th of February since he’s a conscious artiste who criticizes socio-political injustice.

Don Chima and Segun Rasaq

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The case: A 23 year old woman was raped by 2 men, Chima and George and while this issue is trending on Twitter, what is trending more than the rapists is Falz the Bhad guy whom some Twitter users believe should speak up against issues like rape since he’s the moral instructor.

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According to these reactions, Falz does not sing against issues that affect women instead he tries to use his song to dictate to woman how to use their bodies. Apparently these reactions are coming from a place of ignorance of his song “Child of the World” which largely criticizes the act of rape addressing other themes like victims blaming.

READ ALSO:  Falz finally breaks silence over rape suspects

This notion has received counter reactions from Twitter users who are in turn, attacking Falz attackers as they opine that every attacks shohld be directed at China and George the rapists not Falz.



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